I want to create.

I want to market.

I want to manage.

I want to help your company grow.

WordPress: Site built with WP.
Web Design: Laid out and built site with Wireframing and Photoshop prior to site coding.
SEO: Managed website SEO campaign.
Registration Sites: Websites built within the SaaS product. The digital aspects of web, marketing and mobile managed by me.
Marketing: In charge of the marketing and social media for the client.
Maintenance: Managed, edited and maintained website.
Graphic Design: Built various graphics and assets.
Email Designs: Email campaigns designed and built.
Development: In charge of coding and building out the website.
Always Blissful Travel Development, Maintenance, Marketing, SEO, Web Design
Answer Plot Registration Sites, Web Design
BakoCTS Development, SEO, Web Design, WordPress
BRILA FM Graphic Design, Web Design Development, Web Design
Campari America Graphic Design, Registration Sites
Chipotle Graphic Design, Registration Sites
Cressy & Company Graphic Design, Registration Sites
DOT Graphic Design, Registration Sites
ESPN Radio Graphic Design, Web Design
Galen Technology Solutions Development, Web Design
JailExchange Development, Maintenance, Web Design
K105 FM Graphic Design, Web Design
KAAM FM Graphic Design, Web Design
KLSR TV Graphic Design, Web Design
LeImageInc Development, SEO, Web Design, WordPress
McKinsey & Company Development, Marketing, Registration Sites
Mercy College Email Designs
Morgan Stanley Development, Registration Sites Development, Graphic Design, Maintenance, Marketing, SEO
Nokia Email Designs, Graphic Design
Olympic Glove & Safety Company Development, Maintenance, Web Design
Practice-Reps Development, Graphic Design, Maintenance, Marketing, SEO
Qualiton – E-Commerce Development, Web Design
Reinventing Nero Development, SEO, Web Design, WordPress
Rockland Dental Development, SEO, WordPress
Sergio & Banks Real Estate Maintenance, WordPress
Smile Dental Spa Development
Stony Point Dentist Development, SEO, Web Design
The Revolution Development, Web Design
Too Many Joes Productions Development, Maintenance, SEO, Web Design, WordPress
Virtual Results Development, Maintenance, WordPress
Visiting Mickey Development, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design
WIKB Graphic Design, Web Design
You and Your Family Maintenance, SEO